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Seed Dashboard Training



The seed test and seed lot management program gives growers and others access to seed test results and current seed inventories of seed on hand.  It will prove to be an invaluable tool for all involved.  

Once the distribution reports are reviewed we will begin loading each member's carry-over seed into the sytem.  At this point, then, the seed lots will be active in the new program.  It is your task to get accustomed to the new program and be able to use it this fall.

We broke the training into 5 shorter videos.  Together, the 5 videos comprise approximately 35 minutes.  You will find that the program is very user friendly, though admittably it may take some time for some users to get accustomed to it.

Though there is some refinining yet to do, the program does work very well.  The training videos should make you very comfortable with its functioning.

As always, KCIA staff is here to assist you.  We will be referring to member feed-back as to what, if any, additional training beyond these videos will be needed to ensure our members are able to realize maximum benefit from the program.

Training Videos: Total time approx 35 minutes

Registering, login, own use seed, discard seed

Bulk Retail Certificates

Consolidating seedlots and creating blends

Ordering Labels and reporting use

Conducting Resales