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Seed Dashboard Training



The seed test and seed lot management program gives users direct access to seed test results and, for certified seed, current seed inventories of seed on hand.   With the exception of transfers and resales across state lines into and out of Kansas, all certified seed activity is to be conducted within the Seed Lot Management Dashboard.  Field applications are made using the myFields dashboard and not the Seed Lot Management Dashboard.

Below are training videos on how to set up an account and begin using the Seed Lot Management Dashboard.

We broke the training into 5 shorter videos.  Together, the 5 videos comprise approximately 35 minutes.  You will find that the program is very user friendly.

As always, KCIA staff is here to assist you.  We will be referring to member feed-back as to what, if any, additional training beyond these videos will be needed to ensure our members are able to realize maximum benefit from the program.

Training Videos: Total time approx 35 minutes

Registering, login, own use seed, discard seed

UPDATED - Bulk Retail Certificates

Consolidating seedlots and creating blends

Ordering Labels and reporting use  -  NOTE: the reclaim labels function is currently unavailable, we are working to get functionality back     

UPDATED - Conducting Resales