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Industrial Hemp

The Kansas Industrial Hemp Research Program allows for Industrial Hemp to be cultivated legally in Kansas for the first time in decades.  The Kansas Department of Agriculture Plant Protection and Weed Control Division currently oversees this new program.  Program regulations, as well as information on program requirements and procedures can be found here:  KDA Industrial Hemp Research Program.


Industrial Hemp Presentation - Rick Novak, Director of Colorado Seed Growers Association, gave this presentation at our 2019 Kansas Seed and Crops Conference.  Rick has given us permission to post his slides on this website.  Keep in mind that Colorado has legalized marijuana whereas Kansas does not. He includes a couple of slides which gives a brief, but good overview of seed certification.


 Industrial Hemp - finding suitable, approved varieties - the Kansas Industrial Hemp Research Program currently requires that Certified seed of KDA approved varieties be used.  Here is some guidance as to how to know the seed you are being offered is certified.


 Standards for Producing Certified Industrial Hemp Seed in Kansas - These are the standards, along with the general certification standards that guide the production of Certified Industrial Hemp seed in Kansas.  Each different crop type ( wheat, corn, soybean, watermelon etc.) has standards specific to that crop in addition to the general certification standards that pertain to all certified seed in general.  Other certification information can be found on our certification resources page.  One important consideration when contemplating production of Certified Seed is the present lack of labeled herbicide for use in industrial hemp.  Seed production fields are planted at a much lower rate to allow for field inspection and the thinner spacing of plants will present an opportunity for weed growth.  As time goes by herbicide options will become available.

Video Links - These are links to videos that may be helpful to growers new to industrial hemp.  They are posted because of their educational content and are not necessarily an endorsement of product or commentary.  Also, be aware that sometimes 

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