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Kansas Crop Improvement Association

Kansas Crop Improvement Association is a not-for-profit, membership-based corporation designated as the official seed and plant part certification agency for the State of Kansas.  In addition to seed certification services, KCIA offers networking and educational opportunities, auditing, farm/field inspection, and laboratory testing services for the seed industry and other crop production related businesses.


2022 Wheat Book     2022 Kansas Wheat Seed Book

KCIA launches seed lot management program

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2022 Registered Retail Sites for Kansas Certified Seed - In addition to certified growers, certified seed may be accessed at these sites.

NEW FORM:  KCIA Debuts New Form for Interstate Seed Movement - Now available for immediate use for dirty or clean seed. It is the responsibilty of the KCIA member receiving or moving seed across state lines to send a copy to the KCIA office (email preferred) when the seed first moves. This form replaces the Transfer of Seed Pending Certification in Another State (serial number 7xxxx) and the Transfer of Seed Certified by Another State Pending Certification in Kansas (serial number 99xxx). Call with questions. Not for use with in-state seed transfers or resales.  

KCIA Updates PVP Status Document Legend July 2022 - We have updated our document listing the PVP status of wheat (and other crops). The statement language has not changed, but if you are used to only looking at the legend number they have all changed to reflect - 1994 PVPA. Check your bulk retail sales certificates PVP statement twice this selling season.

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