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Kansas Crop Improvement Association

Kansas Crop Improvement Association is a not-for-profit, membership-based corporation designated as the official seed and plant part certification agency for the State of Kansas.  In addition to seed certification services, KCIA offers networking and educational opportunities, auditing, farm/field inspection, and laboratory testing services for the seed industry and other crop production related businesses.


Fusarium (Head Scab)

We have not started the germination testing of a lot of new crop seed as yet but there is definitely going to be issues with reduced germination results due to Fusarium (Head Scab) infection.  How widespread the issue is going to be remains to be determined but it will likely be more prevalent than we typically see.  Fusarium infected seed lots are not pleasant to deal with for you or the lab but a quality product can be achieved if you understand the process needed to get there.  To understand more about working with infected seed lots read on...

2021 Approved Conditioners

You can now find a list of approved conditioners here on our website, listed by district, in no particular order. If someone is not listed here, do not let them condition your certified seed without checking with our office. We are no longer printing and mailing certificates to be displayed by the conditioners in good standing.

COVID-19 June 3, 2021
      At this time, mask mandates have been removed.  Covid is still a factor in public safety and we will continue to abide by CDC guidance and common sense to protect our staff and members.  We will continue to restrict groups.
    Members and clients may enter the front area without a mask to deliver seed samples to us or may still place them in our drop-off box outside the front entrance.  Of course you may also ship them to us.  You will find printable sample submittal forms here:   Submittal Forms
     Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Our best wishes to all of you.  Steve F. Schuler
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 2020 KS Wheat Book with Certified Seed Directory

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Important Dates 

KSIA 2021 Summer Meeting

Hilton Garden Inn, Manhattan

July 28 - Hootie Open - Golf

July 29 - Conference


July 25 Application Due for Fall Inspected Crops


2021 certification will not proceed until 2020 paperwork is submitted and complete.