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Kansas Crop Improvement Association is a not-for-profit, membership-based corporation designated as the official seed and plant part certification agency for the State of Kansas.  In addition to seed certification services, KCIA offers networking and educational opportunities, auditing, farm/field inspection, and laboratory testing services for the seed industry and other crop production related businesses.


     Industrial Hemp:  The current Kansas Industrial Hemp Research Program requires certified seed of a variety approved by the Kansas State Department of Agriculture.  Certified seed is seed that has gone through a state seed certification program.  Certified seed must be accompanied by an official seed tag or certificate stating the name of the certifying agency and its seal, as well as the mechanical purity, germination, etc as required by both State seed law and certification standards.  Here are examples of what Kansas certified seed labels and certificates look like.  Other state agencies labels will have similar characteristics. It is illegal to promote seed as certified if it isn't.

     There is currently no Kansas Certified Seed available because hemp production has not been legal.  But, seed certified properly labeled by sister state agencies, Canada, or an authorized OECD entity is recognized by KCIA and by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. 

     Kansas hemp regulations take priority and all requirements of the program must be met before seed production to produce certified seed can be undertaken, then certification standards and procedures must be followed.

      It is fully your responsibility to know what certified seed is and to comply with Kansas Regulations regarding seed used.

     If someone is telling you they have certified hemp seed to sell you, we will be happy to help you verify its authenticity.


Small Grains Field Applications Due March 15 via myfields program

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!!!!!!  You will not be allowed to certify in 2019 until your 2018 paperwork is submitted to KCIA

March 15 - Field Applications Due in myfields





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