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State Seed Law and Plant Variety Protection




The Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA) encourages the development of new varieties by providing for the protection of the intellectual property rights of the owner.

It is unlawful to sell, offer for sale or expose for sale, uncertified seed by variety name when it is a variety for which a Certificate of Plant Protection has been issued, specifying sale only as a class of certified seed.

For more information, visit: Plant Variety Protection Office Home Page


Check PVPA Status


PVP Status as of September 2020 (updated 9/25/20)

    This list was compiled using information from the Plant Variety Protection Database and is considered accurate as of the date of posting. Status levels of “0”, “1”, or “2”, are subject to change without notification. Variety owners generally have up to one year to apply for protection under PVP. A status of “0” will change if application is made on a new variety. A status of “1”, or “2”, will change upon receipt of the final PVP certificate or withdrawal from the program. This list is intended as a guide only. Persons labeling seed for sale should visit the PVP website to confirm protection status of a variety prior to labeling.

  • Check PVP status of a variety  -  enter the name of the variety/cultivar and check the "Variety" search criteria.  In the results click "view" to see the current Plant Variety Protection status in the USDA PVP office database.  You may get several pages of results.  Use the "next" button to scroll to the variety.
  • Checking the Appropriate PVP Statement on a Bulk Retail Certificate or Transfer and Resale Document (PDF) - This link will assist you in determining which PVP statement to check on the bulk retail certificate and other documents.