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Kansas Crop Improvement Association

KCIA Field Inspections

The purpose of a field inspection is to view a field as it is intended to be harvested for seed and to verify that it meets standards set by KCIA for the class of seed being produced.

KCIA field inspectors are trained at seed clinics to inspect fields in a uniform and reliable manner.

A field inspector will inspect a field to determine if the field meets standards adopted by KCIA after the crop has begun to ripen, but before harvest.

It is the seed producer's responsibility that the field meets the set standards; it is the field inspector's responsibility to examine each field and make a fair and knowledgeable decision as to whether or not the field meets standards.


Quality Assurance and Identity Preserved Programs

KCIA can provide field and laboratory services beyond seed certification to support Quality Assurance and Identity Preserved programs for seed and grain production. Where seed certification is not required, companies may choose to use certification standards as guidelines or may customize guidelines to meet their customers' specific requirements.

As new technologies enter the marketplace, KCIA will deliver new testing procedures and standards critical to the success of seed producers. As the seed industry evolves to accommodate the products of biotechnology, so will the Kansas Crop Improvement Association.