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Kansas Crop Improvement Association

About KCIA



The Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA) is the official seed and plant-part certifying agency in Kansas. It is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. KCIA consists of an open membership of growers and seed dealers who elect from among themselves ten members to serve on the 13-person KCIA board of directors.


To create the opportunity for our members to participate in integrity-based quality assurance programs that provide superior seed and plant products. We utilize research, education, certification and uniform standards that result in safe, stable, secure seedstock supply.


All activities of the Association are financed entirely through fees. Anyone interested in and supportive of the objectives of KCIA may become a member by paying an annual membership fee.

Code of Ethics

As a Kansas certified seedsman, I agree to: 
1. Recognize my individual responsibility for increasing and maintain the genetic purity of seed for the public good. 
2. Properly represent all products and services. 
3. Comply with all applicable federal and state laws. 
4. Comply with all KCIA standards. 
5. Use honest business practices. 
6. Consider my individual part in the local, state, national and international seed industry. 
7. Recognize my responsibility in reflecting on the image of fellow seedsmen. 
8. Maintain adequate equipment and study the operating manuals. 
9. Keep up to date on all new procedures, technology and other developments. 
10. Resolve complaints in a prompt, businesslike fashion.

Board of Directors

The ten elected directors, from various regions of the state, along with one director appointed by the Kansas Seed Industry Association, the head of the Agronomy department at K-State and the director of the Kansas Cooperative Extension Service, govern and establish policy for the membership. Officers are elected from the existing board members. Serving under the Board is the Executive Director and staff of professional employees.


Coordination with other state certification agencies is accomplished through the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). A close working relationship is maintained with state and federal seed law enforcement agencies and seed laboratories.


KCIA was organized in cooperation with the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station in 1902 to improve the kinds of corn grown in Kansas. The group was first known as the Kansas Seed Corn Breeders Association.

In a short time, it was realized that varietal improvement of other crops should be included as well. In 1914, the group changed its name to the Kansas Crop Improvement Association. In 1919, Kanred wheat became the first variety inspected for certification. Since then, KCIA has certified seed of all principle crops in Kansas.

KCIA has been the sole agency responsible for seed certification in the state. In 1937, the state legislature passed the Kansas Certification Law, authorizing Kansas State University to designate the states official seed certifying agency.