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Technical Aids

Guidance for myFields field application program
KCIA  Seed Lot Management Program Training

Introduction and training videos here


How to Produce Certified Seed Presentation - Short overview of how to produce certified seed.

Flow Diagram of Seed Movement  through the Kansas Certified Seed Program.

Quick guide To Seed Certification - A quick reference guide on conducting certification activities correctly.

Using the Transfer or Resale of Kansas Certified Seed in Bulk form - A short presentation on moving seed wholesale within the state of Kansas.

Bulk Retail Sale Certificate - A quick reference on completing this label for bulk retail sales.

The Certificate of Inspection and Distribution Report - A short informational on tracking and reporting certified seed.

Labeling Certified Seed - A quick look at labeling Kansas Certified Seed.

2022 Wheat Variety Variants Table - A guide to the varietal characteristics and breeder described variants of wheat varieties certified in Kansas.

Planting Record for Small Grains - a form for collecting certified field information at planting to insure accuracy and ease when submitting field applications.


 Plant Variety Protection (PVP)

Check PVP Status of a Variety  - This is the official PVP certificate site of the PVP Office.  It will be the most current and reliable listing of pvp status.  You will need to type in the variety name.  To view info such as Title V (Certification = Yes)  click on the view hyperlink at left.

UPDATEDInstructions for Checking the Appropriate PVP Statement on a Bulk Retail Certificate or Transfer and Resale Document (PDF)

PVP Status as of July 21, 2022 (with updated Legend) 

    This list was compiled using information from the Plant Variety Protection Database and is considered accurate as of the date of posting. Status levels of "0", "1", "2", or "3" are subject to change without notification. Variety owners generally have up to one year to apply for protection under PVP. A status of "0" or "1" will change if application is made on a new variety. A status of "2" or "3" will change upon receipt of the final PVP certificate or withdrawal from the program. This list is intended as a guide only. Persons labeling seed for sale should visit the PVP website to confirm protection status of a variety prior to labeling.

Weed Identification Tools

Weed Identification - Follow this link for a visual presentation of common weed issues that may affect seed certification.

KSU Weed Management Website - Follow this link to access the Kansas State University Weed Management website. Click on 'Weed Identification' to search for weeds. 

UIUC Weed Identification Website - Follow this link to access a tool for unknown weed identification provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Weed Seed Photos - Follow this link for photos of prohibited and objectionable weed seeds.

Weeds of the Great Plains book - Order form for Weeds of the Great Plains, a joint publication by the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. 

Weeds of the North Central States book - Follow this link to order this publication from the Univesity of Missouri Extension.


Field Inspector Training Slides - Conducting A Field Inspection

(useful for rogueing crews and growers also)

Part 1       Part 2       Part 3


K-State Crop Performance Tests

KSU Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings

Rogues and Roguing Manual of The Canadian Seed Grower’s Association (with permission of Canadian Seed Grower's Association)

Seed Management Tools