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myfields.info Instructions and Tutorials (check back often as we are adding to this page as instructionals are developed)

Link to myfields.info  This link will take you to the myfields.info site.


System Status Updates September 19, 2017

We met with Wendy Johnson and Brian McCornack September 12 to discuss refinements and improvements to the myfields application page.  We asked for several things: 1.  last years applications will be moved to an archive folder where you will still be able to view them if you wish.  Only new applications will be viewable on the applications tab.  Your main fields (where you clicked the apply button) will still be under your "fields" tab and you will be able to make new applications from them.  You will add new fields and applications just like last year.  2.  We asked for a different print out function to enable you to print off each application on one page in a format that will be useful for your records and as an informational tool to your roguing crews, etc.  3.  We asked for a mapping function that will display all of your fields on one map as pinpoints and display specific field information as you move your cursor to each pin. 4.  we asked for a "hide" button to remove unwanted fields from your display.  We can't just delete unwanted fields as there are data relationships that would be disrupted and 5.  we asked for the ability for you to export your field and application data to a comma separated data or to an excel spreadsheet that will allow you to import your field data from myfields to other compatible programs.

We are hoping to have these changes made soon to allow their use for the upcoming planting season.  If you have comments, send them tosfskcia@kansas.net.


 If at any time you have a question or concern, feel free to email Steve Schuler at sfskcia@kansas.net, or call our office 785-532-6118 M-F 8-12, 1-5.

myfields.info  is being developed as an Extension-based multi-crop management tool, click here for some background on myfields.info .

 NOTE:  myfields will assign a number to each application ie KS41323  which is the same as the "A" number in the old paper form system ie A41323.

FAQs: As issues are brought to our attention, we will address them here.  If you are having difficulty with the program, checking here may help.


Videos updated 10/26/2017 

Videos:  3 Simple Steps to begin electronic submission of field applications: 

Step 1.  Setting up a free myfields account and applying for certification privileges (while anyone can set up a myfields account, only active KCIA members will be permitted to apply for permission to submit fields to KCIA)

Step 2.  Adding a field to your myfields account (if you desire, you can add all of your fields to your account to manage them on myfields.  KCIA only has access to the actual field application submitted information and does not have access to your account or other field information.)

Step 3.  Submitting a field for certification.  After you have established your myfields account and requested and received approval from KCIA to submit fields, it will be possible to complete application for certification for the field of your choosing.

Viewing  your certified applications.  View this video for an understanding of how to check the status of fields submitted for certification, from submittal through inspection and final approval.

You may also find useful:

 Instructions for installing and using Google Earth.  (not required for using myfields, but may be of use in obtaining legal descriptions and GPS coordinates of fields.  Includes directions for obtaining township overlay.)